Friday, September 9, 2011

nasyid again ;)

Alhamdulillah , i can join nasyid competition for a second times . i think i can't got the second chance because before this i've been destroyed my crew expectation. Expecially my coach . but that the past story . nothing to be bob up and down.
so , for this competition my crew will be sings two song . Dunia cermin akhirat and perjuangan menuju kecemerlangan ummah . for perjuangan menuju kecemerlangan ummah , its takes a week for me to practise and memorize this songs . its because the melody of this song hard for me to catch it . until one weeks , i got the melody but thats not perfect . others crew already got the melody . Dunia cermin akhirat songs is not the problems for me because once i sings that songs last month maybe. 
this competition will be at politeknik dungun, terengganu on tuesday ( 13/9 ).
the coach still Cik azri and the crew has been changes to another person .
so far , our training go smoothly and sometimes kena marah selalu . 
semuanya sebab datang lambat . 
but , this time i can't make any plodge sebab takut termakan diri sendiri ;D
so , just pray for our goodness and thanks for reading ;)