Monday, July 25, 2011

dissapointed with myself ;(

hello fellow readers  ;)

now , i am typing with rasa dukacita ;(
Actually aku baru jeh lepas rehearsal nasyid .
what we get is nothing !
our perfomance hancur !
maybe its my fault . aku rasa bersalah sangat .
tempo and key aku terlampau sumbang .
yes . i admit i'm not a singer and i cannot be a singer .
i'm feel embrassed with the others participant and audience .
terlampau malu sangat tadi .
anothers group have a good perfomance but my team is nothing !
its my fault ! its my fault ! i repeated its my fault ! others group members is ok but i'm not !
urghh . i'm feel stressed ! 
masa practice without microphone we're ok ! but at the rehearsal , seems like i'm not
prepare anythings ! i'm not ready yet . but there has only two days before 
sceering test . i really hope that our team will listed to final .
kecewa sangat-sangat .
sorry guys , i can't be a good perfomer . 
sorry to our coach En. Azri too. 
maybe our coach terkilan sebab perfomance aku teruk gila tadi .
InsyaAllah i will do the best at the screening test this wednesday (27/7) .
maybe its hard for me but i will try ! i will try ! i will try !