Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Starting time : 11:44 am
Name : Muhammad Ammar Bin Khairul Anuar a.k.a arm 
Eye Color : i'm not mat salleh *Of course black 
Shoe Size : 7*maybe
Hair : Black *half curl / half straight 
Piercing : i'm not wear it .
What are you wearing right now : Lovely Boxer and shirt
Height : 165* i think ...tong 
Where do you live : Selayang ku Sayang 
Favorite Number : one 
Favorite Drink : milo ice
Favorite Month : May*cuti sem lahh ! best nye :D
Favorite Breakfast : Nasi Lemak * yamyamm 

Broken a bone : So far not been *never ask this thing happen :P
Been in a police car : never directly.
Fallen for a friend : only once * now the middle of trying :P
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : no . often take a time 
Swam in the ocean : sometimes *not very fond :)
Fallen asleep in school : always * only mathematic subject :D
Broken someone's heart : no ! *i always hurt :(
Cried when someone died : never again *one day , it will be :(
Save e-mails : yes i do :) * takut lupe :D
Been cheated on : honestly , i'm loyal :D 

Your room look like : scattered ! shitt !
What is right beside you : handphone,earphone,and wallet :)
What is the last thing you ate : Mee goreng basah*tak sedap :P

Who did you last yell at : no one *i'm a cool :)
Who was the last person you danced with : no one again*so sad :(
Who last made you smile : "a friends" *thank you <3

What are you listening to right now : music game bola yang farid tengah main*sengall punye farid !
What did you do today : fill in the blanks that suggest by Reanna Raim and online facebook :)
Are you the oldest : confius * i can be the oldest and i can be the second too :)
Indoors or outdoors : both but more to outdoor . *tak paham sangat soalan ni . kui3

Talk to someone you like : Syeeda Ayob * she like to laughing.
Kiss anyone : not yet :)
Sing : always *love singing <3
Miss someone : yes* tak sabar nak jumpa someone :)
Eat : 3 times a days *sekarang kene jimat tapi....

You talked to on the phone : Deena *my friends - die suroh pegi cafe semalam :D
Made you cry : no one * but alone enough to make me cry :(
You went to the mall with : sorry , nothing here *muadzam shah .
Who cheered you up : no one including me. :(

Been to Mexico : tak hengen :) *korea please :)
Been to USA : depends :D

Have a crush on someone : nope.

Last person that hit you : khairi  * ( sampai lebam die cubit aku . )
What books are you reading right now : no time to read a book :D
Best feeling in the world : screaming with a maximum until damaged your hearing :)
Future kids name : nothing but i want its be the long name ..
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : i don't know but "kekatu" selalu masuk bilik aku ! cilaka kaw .
What's under your bed : only dust . 
Favorite sport(s) : tennis :)
Favorite place : a beatiful and wonderful places that one never been .
Who do you really hate : someone that do shit to me :)
Do you have a job : no . i'm student :P
What time is it now : 12:37 pm